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My class in 2015.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Wow!  What a beautiful day today!  We certainly had the air conditioning roaring today in Room 3 as there were some pretty hot children coming back into class after morning tea and lunch breaks :)

Luckily we had our balloon badminton session just before morning tea so it wasn't as hot as it was later.  Today the children learnt to throw, then hit a shuttlecock with a racket during a game of piggy in the middle so they were getting used to holding the racket, hitting the shuttlecock and having a rally.  They also practiced hitting a balloon as they did last week. Carrie, the teacher, is amazing and the children are ALL learning so much.

Today the children also had their second day of Christmas crafts - they went to Room 12 while Room 2 came to me to make their reindeer Christmas tree decoration.  Your child's reindeer decoration hopefully came home today ....  

Your children were very proud of their efforts so we hope you like them :)

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