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Monday, 30 November 2015

What's been happening lately in Room 3!!

Hello there everyone,  just thought I'd let you know what we are up to for the rest of the term in Room 3.

Today the Rutherford Team started their Christmas craft rotations.  For the next week, your child will be going to a different Rutherford Team class and making a Christmas craft!  We started off today in Room 3 - your child made a reindeer tree decoration which they will bring home tomorrow.  We think they look great so we hope that you all like them too!  Room 3 children are off to Room 12 on Wednesday, Room 11 on Thursday, Room 1 on Friday and Room 2 next Monday so look out for all the amazing Christmas crafts which will be coming home :)

Also, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, next Tuesday we are going over to Cherry's preschool with Room 1 to watch the children perform a Christmas play.  It is going to be very exciting for Violet in particular as she is going to get to see her sister!  

Your child may have also told you about the special visit that we had from Tandia's brother Ashton and Clara from Room 8 last week.  They were 'choosing kind' and came over to read a couple of books to the children AND made up a wee play with them as well.  They read them an Anthony Browne and Lynley Dodd book - both favourite authors of our class - and at the end gave them a balloon.  Thank you Ashton and Clara!

Another big thank you MUST go to Saskia who brought in a skink a couple of Fridays ago to share with the class.  We were all very intrigued by what a skink is, where Saskia got it from and what skinks actually eat!    Thank you so much Saskia!!!

I hope you all have a great night and I'll see you in the morning :)

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